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Padel Court Laminated Glass

1. Warranty : 10years
2. Material : A Grade Float Glass
3. Color : Clear,Green,Grey,Blue,Bronze
4. Certificate : AS/NZS2208,IGCC,SGCC,CE
5. Loading Port : Qingdao,China
6. Delivery time : Within 2 weeks
7. Package : Plywood Crate, L Racks,Carton....

Australia,European and American U.S. Quality Standard Tempered Glass

Padel courts refer to the playing fields of a kind of racquet sport called padel tennis, or simply padel.  

What makes up a court includes the main frame, the wire mesh fencing, glass wall panels and lighting system. 

As a glass processer, we difinitely will offer glass wall panels to the courts. The glass panels are commonly 10mm and 12mm thick clear tempered glass.

In addition, we are experienced in supplying other small pieces needed for the court installation, like screws, nut covers, foam gasgets, etc. We even offer LED lights for the courts. 

Tennis Court Glass

Paddle Tennis Court Glass

Tempered Glass for Padel Court

12mm clear Tempered Glass wall for tennis padel court fence

12mm transparent toughened glass for outdoor tennis padel court canopy 

1/2 inch thick esg glass for padel court

Customized tempered glass padel court

China 10mm 12mm Tempered Glass used for Padel Tennis

6+1.52+6mm Clear Tempered Laminated Glass

Glass Thickness10mm & 12mm & 6+6mm
Glass Size



2500*1995mm or similiar size

Customizes Size....

EdgeFlat Polished All Edges
HolesCountersink Holes

9 pcs per case

18 pcs per case

Plywood crates

Quality StandardCE,SGCC,AS/NZS2208
Moq1 Court