Silk Screen Glass

1. Warranty : 10years
2. Material : A Grade Float Glass
3. Color : Clear,Green,Grey,Blue,Bronze
4. Certificate : AS/NZS2208,IGCC,SGCC,CE
5. Loading Port : Qingdao,China
6. Delivery time : Within 2 weeks
7. Package : Plywood Crate, L Racks,Carton....

Silk Screen Printing Glass is the ceramic fritted glass through screen printing on screen plate, roller printing machine to print on the glass surface, and then after drying, heat treatment (toughened, or semi-toughened), the ink permanently sintered on the glass surface, and get a kind of acid and alkali resistance and high safety glass products and it is widely used in the architectural decorative industry.

Shandong Yaohua Silk Screen Printing Glass Features:

  • The glaze does not fall off and fade

  • Color and design diversity, more decorative

  • Certain shading function and effect

Product specification:

  • Maximum Size: 3300*13000mm

  • Minimum Size: 400×400mm

  • Thickness Range: 4mm~19mm

  • Production Line: Tianjin Wenzhou 

Quality Standard

  • AS/NZS2208

  • IGCC

  • ANSI

  • CE EN12150

  • GB/T 15763.1-2009、GB 15763.2-2009、GB/T 15763.3-2009、GB/T 15763.4-2009、JC-T1006-2006

  • Internally controlled standard SDYH-ZY-PZ-01


  • First in Architectural glass in China with over 35 years of experience in glass processing.

  • Largest tempering facility with 5 horizontal tempering lines.

  • 3 lines of advanced Tempering Furnace from Glaton,Finland.

  • Flat as well as bend glass possible.

  • Best quality glass exported worldwide including Europe,Australia and North American.

  • Most advanced tempering line capable of processing of most difficult Low-E glasses.

  • Best optics and least distortion.

  • Strongest possible glass.